The Great Pivot: Changes in Office and Retail Markets & Resulting Opportunities

April 21, 2021
CREW Cleveland had a Zoom Meeting where an in-depth discussion took place on changes in the office and retail markets brought about during the pandemic and the legal challenges that face landlords and tenants as a result.  

The speakers were: 
  • Lori Pittman Haas, Partner – Ulmer & Berne LLP
  • Cyndie O’Bryon, First Vice President – Colliers International
  • Doug Katz, Executive Chef/Restauranteur

What have we seen?  Where do we go from here? What opportunities are presenting themselves as we pivot toward new successes? It was quite an interactive meeting as everyone was listening to our speakers and their comments and opinions on what is going to happen once COVID-19 is gone or at least we hope its gone.