February 10, 2021
Event Sponsor: August Mack Environmental

Chocolate Martini, Traditional Moscow Mule, Strawberry Mojito and Blueberry Mojito (non-alcoholic version) were just some of the drinks made via LIVE instruction from The Chocolate Bar’s talented bartenders Shawn and Brian Freeman. In addition to learning how to make these fun cocktails we were able to drink them out of our CREW-tini glass showcasing the new CREW Cleveland logo…what fun!

Once everyone had a cocktail even more fun was had by participating in a trivia contest about Cleveland, chocolate, spirits and The Chocolate Bar! We had THREE teams tie as winners for the trivia contest with ELEVEN correct answers (out of a possible 19).  

The winning teams were: 
TEAM SMITH:  Cyndie O’Bryon, Claire Swift, Gail Bisesi, Stephanie Turner & Cheri Smith

TEAM KARAPASHEV:  Jacqueline Van De Merwe, Laura Leduc, Kristina Sorenson, Linda Green, Megan Majersky-Maruna, Mary Ann Weiss, Stacy Vatty, Lisa Cotten & Suzanne Karapashev

TEAM HENGLE:  Judy Mondry, Keith Raker, Monica Russell, Sophia Deseran, Mary Gerding & Lori Crow

Congratulations to all the winners who received a prize in the mail!!