2021 CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit

February 11, 2021
Written by: Stacy Vatty
Virtual Event

The 2021 Winter Leadership Summit was two days of Leadership Meetings, Professional Development, Breakout Sessions, Virtual Project Tours and Network Happy Hour, they also provided YOGA sessions in the morning.  I learned quite a bit and can’t cover it all in this write-up but my biggest take-away was discussing “Crucial Conversations.” All of us have these conversations, whether it be with people at work, family, school and/or in general. I am sure we have all experienced those times when you had to have a talk with someone and/or be spoken to where your palms start to sweat, your mouth gets dry, you begin to perspire…you know what I mean.  Well, CREW Network provided a whole session on how to deal with those uncomfortable conversations.  How to take deep breaths, pause between sentences, control your emotions, clear and concise sentences, etc.  It was quite refreshing to hear that no matter what sector you work with in CRE, we all have these Crucial Conversations.