2020 CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit - Santa Clara, CA

April 13, 2020
Written by: Yaima Seigley
Four ladies, President Liz Dunlap, President-Elect Diane Strojin, and members Yaima Seigley and Irene MacDougall represented CREW-Cleveland at the 2020 CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit in Santa Clara, California.

The Summit offered unique and invaluable personal and professional development opportunities. There were also opportunities to reconnect with CREW Network leadership and to individually explore the power of the network by meeting new people throughout the Summit and during the CREW signature dine-arounds.

One of the most memorable trainings offered was led by Casey Carpenter, Trainer and Coach at Global Public Speaking. Casey led an interactive workshop focused on developing key public speaking skills in both planned and impromptu situations. This training focused on building confidence in public speaking by leveraging the power of vulnerability and authenticity through a series of one-on-one exercises and exchanges with fellow CREW members.

The Summit was a successful event allowing CREW Members to reconnect, recharge, and refocus for 2020.

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