Sponsor Spotlight - First American Title - National Commercial Services

December 2, 2019
Written by: Amy Whitacre, Vice President, Sales, First Amercian Title - National Commercial Services
5 Reasons to Choose First American Title National Commercial Services for Your Next Transaction

Your transactions are the lifeblood of your business. That’s why you need a title provider with services and expertise that streamline your deals. First American Title National Commercial Services in Ohio is the provider you need on your next transaction. Here’s why:

Everything you need is in one place
We don’t just claim to streamline the transaction. At First American Title, we also have the products and services required to back it up. With services for each step of the transaction, from property information to due diligence products to creative underwriting and expert escrow services, First American Title truly has you covered from contract to close. You can take advantage of any of these services from a convenient, single point of contact.

They have unique insight for your transaction
Every transaction is unique, requiring specific knowledge and expertise to ensure a successful closing. First American’s service teams have specific expertise in niche markets, including unique energy transactions and 1031 exchanges. Additionally, its broad suite of products and services allows First American to close transactions of all sizes and scopes, from local, single-site deals to complex multi-state portfolio transactions.

They’ve done this a time or two
…or for over 130 years. First American Title National Commercial Services is a division of First American Title, which traces its roots to 1889. With a history like that, you can rest assured your local team – and the network of talented underwriters and commercial experts that backs it – can handle any hurdle that comes your way.

The local experts are in your corner
The National Commercial Services Division offers a national network of talented, experienced professionals who all work together for their clients’ success. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get highly localized expertise. Your Ohio team knows your market, with resident experts ready to streamline your transaction. First American Title National Commercial Services has experienced professionals in their Columbus, Cleveland and Toledo offices.

We’re looking out for you
While providing national coverage and expertise, First American Title National Commercial Services in Ohio keeps itself truly ingrained in the Ohio market and community. As sponsors and hosts of the CREW Spring Leadership Summit, your Cleveland team works diligently to bring its customers beneficial industry training and events. The Cleveland team would like to congratulate its fellow local CREW members on 30 years of networking, shared insight and universal growth.

Amy Whitacre
Vice President, Sales
First American Title – National Commercial Services
1660 West. Second Street, Suite 700
Cleveland, OH 44113
awhitacre@firstam.com  |  Ph. 216.802.3528