Haunted Cleveland Tour

October 22, 2019
Written by: Ann-Marie La Porta, Vice President, Senior Client Advisor, Huntington Private Bank
Psychic Sonya was our local ghost hunter on Tuesday October 22, which began at the Flat Iron Cafe in the flats.  Eileen the ghost didn’t feel it necessary to join our group when Dave, the current Flat Iron owner, discussed her and evidently the tips she likes to leave in the form of dimes on the floor.  Nor did the mysterious man in white make his presence known.  However our divining rods were a twirl when we asked questions that were answered with assurance.  

Our walk and discussion taught of residual spirit energy that is measurable and the spiritual ghost that is choosing not to leave.  All was quiet as we stood under the Detroit Superior bridge which sadly was a location of far too many suicides and the location of the Willow Street disaster in which 16 souls perished by drowning. The Powerhouse built in 1900 and now the site of the aquarium, have many stories of sightings which are also unexplained. As we walked and asked for the Lady in Grey to appear it would seem that her dance card must have been full that evening because our divining rods were still.  Sadly our walk went on to include the history of the unsolved torso murders and other unsolved crimes. 

We concluded the tour with drinks and appetizers back at the Flat Iron to discuss the evening’s discoveries.  All would agree that the networking with the “live” members of CREW that braved the tour was by and far not scary at all!  A great and spooky CREW Cleveland event, just in time for Halloween!

Event Location: 
Flat Iron Cafe
1114 Center Street
Cleveland, Ohio  44113

Event Photos