Sponsor Spotlight - Ulmer & Berne LLP

July 18, 2019
Written by: CREW Cleveland

Ulmer & Berne LLP

Ulmer & Berne LLP Recognizes Lori Pittman Haas

Lori Pittman Haas had a non-traditional path to becoming a lawyer. She worked full-time as a paralegal and later as the Real Estate Manager of a large Midwest convenience store chain while pursuing her undergraduate degree and her law degree. When the company she worked for went through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Lori stayed on through the ultimate sale to a third party buyer. Lori says that being a client on the business side of transactions has made her a better lawyer. She understands corporate goals and objectives and knows how to effectively communicate with business people.

Lori joined the real estate practice at Ulmer & Berne LLP in October, 2007. She is now a partner and a Vice Chair of the Real Estate Group. Lori focuses her practice on real estate and business law. She has been involved in several large and complex real estate transactions over the years, most notably the acquisition and financing for the rehabilitation of Terminal Tower, a very complicated piece of real estate. Lori represents buyers and sellers in the acquisition, expansion and disposition of a variety of commercial properties, such as office buildings, retail centers, and industrial facilities. She also represents landlords and tenants in commercial leasing transactions (office, retail and industrial warehouses). Lori represents commercial borrowers with respect to borrowing and refinancing transactions, including tax credit financing. She also represents commercial property owners and tenants in eminent domain cases, some of which were complex. Lori also handles liquor permitting transactions in Ohio.

When Lori moved to Cleveland 17 years ago, she didn’t know a soul. Within a year or so after moving to Cleveland, she got involved in CREW Cleveland. She worked on the Programs Committee as well as other committees over the years. She was President in 2009. But, as her career progressed, she admits that she became less involved in CREW. In retrospect, she says, that was a mistake. Attending the recent Past Presidents event on June 19, 2019 in which the panelists discussed the backlash from the #MeToo movement and the reluctance of some men in senior positions to mentor young women due to “MeToo anxiety”, Lori says it underscored for her the importance of mentoring up and coming real estate professionals. According to her, junior members could use help and guidance from senior members to help them advance in their careers. It could be something as simple as making an introduction or being a “Sherpa guide” to a junior member who is trying to navigate through a difficult situation or a career path. Being able to call a friend for help or guidance is invaluable. To Lori, that’s what CREW represents - a network of people who have varying levels of experience, insight, contacts and a willingness to help. As Lori says, people like to do business with their friends so the more we in CREW interact and get to know each other, the better and more successful we will be.