2019 CREW Network Spring Leadership Summit - Kansas City, MO

June 5, 2019
Written by: Diane Strojin
A group of CREW Cleveland members attended the Annual Network Spring Leadership Summit this year on June 5-7 in Kansas City. Here are some event highlights and takeaways that CREW member and Summit Scholarship winner, Diane Strojin brought back for us:

The CREW Network Leadership Summit was held at the beginning of June in beautiful Kansas City.  Fun fact about Kansas City - - they are known as the City of Fountains with over 200 fountains in the greater Kansas City area.  Summit not only provided updates from CREW Network, it also provided the opportunity for networking, chapter leadership training and professional development. 

Ample networking opportunities included attending a Kansas City Royals baseball game, netwalk/netrun, dine arounds and a bus trip to Lawrence, Kansas for a tour and reception at the home office of CREW Network.   

Chapter leadership training focused on Sponsorship Strategies and Best Practices.  Establishing focused sponsorship opportunities, communication and post-sponsorship follow-up were the focus of a presentation by Kristine Metter from Crystal Lake Partners.  Takeaways included win-win strategies to help chapters win sponsorship support, generate revenue and meet the goals of our chapter and the goals of prospective sponsors. 

Professional development centered around LinkedIn for our chapter and organizations.  We learned what to include in a profile, tips on content to post and how to promote your page.  The power of tracking your insights and analytics is critical to understand the reach of your page and tips for how to attract followers were also highlights of the presentation.    

Network updates included recognition of chapters who met the CREW Foundation Trifecta challenge.  CREW Cleveland was recognized along with 21 other chapters who met this goal.  As a reminder, this is the first time our chapter has met this goal and we were proud to be recognized at Summit that included a photo of CREW Cleveland members in attendance  with Wendy Mann, CREW Network CEO and Sharon Herrin CREW Network Foundation.  Thank you to our members who donated to CREW Foundation and played an instrumental role in our chapter meeting this challenge. 

After a busy few days, Summit ended, but CREW Cleveland members capped off the week with a successful escape from a Leonardo DaVinci themed escape room.  We successfully worked as a team to solve the clues and find the holy grail, with ten minutes to spare.  We learned we could work effectively together in a stressful situation towards a common goal and be successful.  Yes, we had some anxious moments, but in the end, we worked as a team and strengthened our partnerships. 

I’m looking forward to September and the CREW Network Convention and Marketplace.  We will be in Orlando, Florida this year for continued networking, chapter leadership training and professional development.  Registration is now open.  Don’t miss out on the business advantage of CREW Network and learning about the latest trends, technologies and innovative projects in the CRE industry.