2019 CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit - New Orleans, LA

April 8, 2019
Written by: Callie Cripps
A group of CREW Cleveland members attended the Annual Network Winter Leadership Summit this year in New Orleans, LA. Here are some event highlights and takeaways that CREW member Callie Cripps brought back for us:

Back in February a small but mighty group from CREW Cleveland travelled to New Orleans for the 2019 CREW Leadership Summit in New Orleans. One of our aspiring leaders Sara Jo Smith participated in the Leadership Certificate training where she began the process of learning how to increase her confidence, find her voice to build and enhance her ability to connect and influence her team, organization and clients. The remainder of the group joined hundreds of other women (and men) from around the country in discussions and presentations about topics that ranged from how we can be more purposeful on growing our chapter’s membership to how to raise our profile through personal branding. We gained ideas and knowledge about best practices from other chapters on programming, which seemed to be one of the best tactics for increasing engagement and garnering new potential members to experience some of what CREW Cleveland has to offer.

I think we saw first-hand that strategy at work during our last event touring the Greenbriar Suite at Terminal Tower where 50% of the registrants were non-members. That meant we are providing compelling programming that attracted people outside our group to showcase some of the benefits of being involved with CREW Cleveland.

One of the messages we heard repeated was the importance of engagement. How can you get the most out of your membership and really get to know your fellow members – join a committee, come to events, reach out to the leadership and introduce yourself! Our goal is to encourage you to do what we all sometimes hesitate to do, challenge yourself and learn how to make the network work for you. Did you know CREW was a global business network of more than 12,000 commercial real estate professionals in 76+ markets? Me neither – until now. So what does that mean for you?

As some of you know, there is a huge resource center through CREW Biz – this is where all the nuggets of knowledge live. Whether you’re interested in Job Opportunities, looking to become a mentor or want a recommendation for a speaker at your next event – it’s all there, just a click away!

So take a minute, click on one of the links and join us at our next event at Merwin’s Wharf to learn about the impact of past projects and the future plans of the Metro Parks from Rose Fini. And if you want to take it a step further, feel free to email me ccripps@downtowncleveland.com

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