2018 CREW Winter Leadership Certificate Reflection

March 28, 2018
Written by: Arleesha Wilson
By Arleesha Wilson
Real Estate Portfolio Manager
Cleveland Neighborhood Progress
January 31-March 1, 2017, CREW hosted a Leadership Seminar in Tucson, Arizona that focused on Leadership Connection. The first day kicked off with a networking reception where dozens of women acquainted over cocktails and small plates. The following day, Dr. Gloria Schuck led a phenomenal seminar that taught women how to acquire a deeper understanding of her leadership style, how she connects with others, and mindsets that drive her behavior.  Dr. Schuck was skilled at engaging attendees around each lesson, as she carved out time for women sitting at the same table to share specific information. With this additional level of engagement, it’s safe to say that every woman left the seminar feeling inspired.
Speaking for myself, the seminar was life-changing.  I walked into the retreat a shy and introverted woman who battled long and hard with social anxiety. By the end of the seminar, I had a better understanding of who I am as a leader and how I connect with those I encounter. I sat next to a woman who was so effortless at connecting with others and the wisdom she shared was incredibly helpful and relatable. Perhaps the most significant insight I gleaned was from Dr. Schuck’s lecture on inward versus outward mindset. I learned that I had deceived myself for a very long time working from an inward mindset that focused only on my anxiety, fears, and needs. I understood that an outward mindset was critical to creating connections by putting focus on seeing others as people and acknowledging their needs significantly diminishes my anxiety. This “aha moment” was imperative to my blossoming career in such a people centered field as law and urban planning. Maybe life-changing was an understatement.
At the conclusion of the seminar, each woman was asked to set a goal based on the information learned.  During one of many sessions where women exchanged information around the table, a woman stated her goal was to be more assertive. Another woman’s goal was to implement the leadership tools from the session to become partner of her organization within five years.  My goal was to find more opportunities to be authentic and vulnerable without fear and to discover more ways to operate with an outward mindset.  The sharing of opinions, interests, advice and experience was absolutely priceless. I left the seminar not only as a better leader, I was a better me! Much gratitude to Dr. Schuck for her teachings, and to the leadership team who put together such a fantastic event!