CREW National Convention, Houston, TX
By Diane Strojin, SVP
The Huntington National Bank

October 25, 2017
Written by: Diane Strojin, SVP, The Huntington National Bank
In our daily lives, we experience constant disruptions.  Some disruptions are subtle, such as a longer wait for your morning coffee and some are noisy, such as backed up traffic on the highway on your way into work.  The theme of the 2017 CREW national convention was “Disrupt” with a focus on how disruption, whether it’s tools, resources or technology plays a role in our professional life every day.  How we work through those disruptions is through a strong network of relationships. 
CREW is dedicated to advancing women in the Commercial Real Estate industry and CREW convention was an opportunity to expand relationships with CREW members across the country as well as within our local Cleveland Chapter.  The opportunities to meet with and share information with other women in our industry were abundant along with a diverse group of presenters and speakers that included discussions on Emotional Intelligence, Global CRE Trends and Perspectives and voice command technology, to name a few.  Keynote speaker Geena Davis focused on the disparity between men and women in Hollywood and how women continue to strive for equality in the motion picture industry, something we also face in the Commercial Real Estate industry.
Disruptions in Commercial Real Estate are constant and impact how we do business on a daily basis and going forward.  Attending the convention in Houston, a city that continues to recover from Hurricane Harvey, was a reminder of how quickly things can change.  Houston’s resilience post- hurricane is a testament to their ability to work together, focus on critical needs and leverage resources.   Their resiliency mirrors what we do on a daily basis in our respective roles in the commercial real estate industry to partner, make connections and continue to expand our networks. 
CREW convention provides the forum to network and make connections in an open and welcoming environment with professionals throughout the world that cover all aspects of our industry.  I am grateful for the many connections I made during the conference, the engaging speakers and topics and the humility of having the opportunity to be in the presence of a group of inspiring and brilliant professionals who aren’t afraid to be disruptive.
The 2018 convention will be held in San Diego, California - - see you there.
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