Board of Directors

CREW Cleveland is managed by a Board of Directors that works together to set and accomplish the chapter’s strategic goals—helping to advance the success of women in commercial real estate.

Serving on the CREW Cleveland’s Board of Directors is a unique opportunity for leadership and networking among other Professionals working in the commercial real estate field. All CREW Cleveland Board members, directors, and committee chairs serve individual terms of two to three years.

Reasons to Serve

  • Increased visibility within the commercial real estate industry
  • Leadership skills and experience that benefit you and your company
  • Impact on the future of women in CRE
  • Expanded professional connections
  • Opportunity to influence direction and benefits of CREW Cleveland membership

Time Commitment

A board member’s time commitment varies by position and the board’s upcoming annual objectives. Typically:

  • Individual time to get acquainted with your position (CREW offers a playbook and local descriptions of what to expect)
  • The Executive Team of President, Past President and President Elect meet quarterly for strategic planning and guidance discussions
  • Monthly Board Meetings (60-90 minutes with flexibility to call-in)
  • Committee Meetings, as required


  • Membership fees
  • Registration fees
  • Registration and travel expense at the Member rate to attend CREW Network Leadership Summits (usually 3 per year) including CREW Network's Annual Convention
  • Scholarship opportunity for CREW Network events


  • CREW member with ability to participate in events (dues, fees)
  • Employed real estate professional with minimum 2 years experience
  • Preferred CREW committee participation (waiver available based on event attendance)


  • Passion for the CREW Mission and motivation to serve
  • Commitment and diplomacy for effective leadership

CREW Cleveland Board of Directors

President & Delegate

V.P., National Commercial Counsel, AMROCK | COMMERCIAL

President-Elect & Delegate

Paralegal, Walter Haverfield LLP

Immediate Past President

Director of Audit, Tax and Compliance, Redwood Living, Inc.
12163060033 (1497)


Counsel, Baker & Hostetler LLP
(216) 861-7295


Marketing Manager, Environmental Design Group
Walter Haverfield LLP
Attorney, SITE Centers Corp.

CREW Cleveland Past Presidents

2021 Diane Strojin
2020 Liz Dunlap
2019 Jennie Church
2018 Mary Gerding
2017 Cecilia Hyun
2016 Madeline T. McGrane
2015 Irene M. MacDougall
2014 Diana Golob
2013 Deborah Feller
2012 Kathleen Nitschke
2011 Laura Hengle
2010 Cheri Henson
2009 Lori Pittman
2008 Amy Whitacre
2007 Debora S. Lasch
2006 Annette Stevenson
2005 Teresa M. Beasley
2004 Rebecca Gruss
2003 JoAnn Hirsh
2002 Suzanne Hamilton
2001 Linda Green
2000 Mary Porter
1999 Karin Schulz
1998 Lynn Vantaggi
1997 Joan Tropf
1996 Mary Izant
1995 Mary Lovett
1993-94 Kathy L. Cunningham
1992-93 Patty O’Donnell
1991-92 Cheryl Rose-Mack
1990-91 Cyndie O’Bryon
1988-90 Deborah Klausner