At CREW Cleveland, we’re proud to celebrate the standout achievements and leadership exhibited by our members.

CREW Cleveland Award Categories


  • Member of the Year - The "Member of the Year" award is designed to recognize the CREW Cleveland member who has made exceptional contributions to CREW Cleveland in terms of time and service and has made outstanding achievements in the local real estate community during the current calendar year.
  • Deborah Rocker Klausner Award - The late Deborah Rocker Klausner was the founding President of CREW Cleveland and held that position for two years. She founded the chapter in 1988 while working as the Director of Investment Sales for Cragin, Lang, Free & Smythe. At the time of her death she was Managing Partner of her own real estate development and consulting firm, B&D Investments. She was also President of Montefiore Housing Corp. Deborah was recognized as a leader both within CREW and within the community. In 1993, she participated in one of CREW’s leadership panels in which she offered guidance and inspiration to our members by describing the different paths she had taken until she eventually decided, "to go out on her own". As a civic leader, her affiliations were many. As a testimony to Deborah’s leadership qualities, the Executive Committee voted to institute the "Deborah Rocker Klausner Leadership Award" each year to recognize a CREW Cleveland member for leadership either within CREW or within the community.

  • Rising Star Award - This award recognizes new members to CREW (2 years or less) who have made a noticeable effort to participate in and promote the Cleveland chapter.
  • Member-to-Member Business Award - The Member to Member Business Award honors a CREW Network member who consistently demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to marshal CREW talent, resulting in measurable business for other CREW members. This individual exemplifies the power and spirit of CREW and recognizes the collective CREW business completed over the last 24 months as a result of this member’s efforts.

  • Economic and Community Improvement Award - Real estate projects can transform the built environment and have the power to transform and revitalize a community, often beyond the boundaries of the project. The Economic and Community Improvement Award honors a CREW Cleveland member who played a pivotal role in a real estate project that had a significant and measurable positive impact on the community.


Past Member of the Year Award Winners

2021 Callie Cripps
2020 Judy Mondry
2019 Amy Whitacre and Laura Hengle
2018 Mary Gerding
2017 Liz Dunlap
2016 Jennie Church
2015 Lori Crow & Donna Sakony
2014 Diana Golob
2013 Cecilia Hyun
2012 Laura Hengle
2011 Diane Davies
2010 None Given
2009 Gail Bisesi
2008 Lori Pittman
2007 Tracy Ols & Laura Hengle

2006 Suzanne Hamilton, Debora Lasch, Cheri Henson & Amy Whitacre
2005 Cheri Henson
2004 Vicki Tansler
2003 Suzanne Hamilton
2002 Nancy Kornuta
2001 Karin Schulz
2000 Marcia Wittenbrook
1999 None Give
1998Emily Ingalls
1997Benita Nowak


Past Deborah Rocker Klausner Award Winners

2021 Diane Strojin
2020 Amy Whitacre
2019 Mary Gerding
2018 Linda Green 2017 Irene MacDougall
2016 Laura Hengle
2015 Cecilia Hyun
2014 Linda Striefsky
2013 Deborah Feller
2012 Radhika Reddy
2011 Cheri Henson
2010 None Given
2009 Lori Pittman
2008 Suzanne Hamilton

2007 Teresa Beasley
2006 Radhika Reddy
2005 Debora Lasch
2004 David O’Neill
2003 Mary Lovett
2002 Karin Schulz
2001 None Given
2000 JoAnn Hirsh


Past Rising Star Award Winners

2021 Sarah Young
2020 Stacy Vatty
2019 Anthony Millman
2018 Molly Woeste
2017 Erin Chelune
2016 Yulu Li
2015 Liz Dunlap
2014 John MacFarland
2013 Eva Moss
2012 Madeline McGrane
2011 Božana Lazić Lundberg

Past Member-to-Member Business Award Winners

2020 Ashley Gault
2018 Jennie Church
2017 Kim Campbell, Deb Lawrence-Auten & Megan Roberts
2016 Cecilia Hyun

Economic And Community Improvement Award

2021 Patty Gaul
2020 Radhika Reddy
2017 Keith Raker

Past Chapter Champion Award Winners

2012 Amy Whitacre
2011 Deborah Lawrence-Auten