• Past Presidents


    Madeline T. McGrane


    Irene M. MacDougall, Esq.


    Diana Golob
    Thanks to the support of a wide range of members CREW Cleveland had an extremely successful 2014! We formed a new Senior & Past Presidents Advisory Committee that rolled up their sleeves to increase membership and diversity, which contributed to voting in eight new members with at least twelve more pending at year-end. We held nine Programs & Professional Development Seminars. Over 18 members participated in the Fairfax Park Clean-up and $135 was donated to Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation. Our annual clambake sold out. We met CREW Network’s Foundation Goals of $1000 chapter contribution, 100% Board participation, which included raising $577 at the Clambake alone. CREW successfully collaborated with the ACE Mentorship program, and the $360 registration fees from the holiday lunch were donated to ACE. Most of our Board members attended leadership training at the CREW Network Leadership Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our chapter is in a strong cash position. Membership and Sponsorship continues to grow. Numerous members received award recognition, promotion and accolades for their contribution in our industry this year. Most of all, we had fun and enjoyed the friendships and business associations created by being a member of Cleveland’s #1 CRE organization. It was truly an honor and life changing experience to be CREW Cleveland President this past year. Thank you


    Deborah Feller


    Kathleen Nitschke


    Laura Hengle
    Before accepting the position of CREW Cleveland President I had many questions. What was involved, in what direction was our chapter moving and growing and could I handle the challenges associated with this leadership role? At the close of 2011, I can say with confidence that a lot is involved but is expertly handled by the amazing Board Members, Committee Chairs and committee members who volunteer their time. I can also state that our chapter is moving and growing in a direction that makes me proud as I shared our success stories with other CREW Chapters during leadership meetings and conventions. As for me, our accomplished and professional membership roster made the job of CREW Cleveland President both rewarding and fulfilling and I will treasure this experience always. Thank you to all who are committed to raising the profile of CREW Cleveland. We have made great strides.


    Cheri Henson
    CREW Cleveland has given me an opportunity to work alongside some pretty remarkable women. CREW is the industry's leading advocate for the success of women in commercial real estate and it shows in the diversity of its membership. Towards the end of my Presidency people often asked "was it what you thought it would be?" I had to reply "No, it was even better". CREW Cleveland is quite simply a fantastic organization!

    CREW Cleveland never lost focus and throughout the year continued to provide us with the tools to build our skill sets, opportunities to network with our peers and have an all around good time while doing so. Most importantly, 2010 presented CREW Cleveland with a wonderful opportunity to put our years of experience to work & encouraged us to move out of our comfort zone. As a result we completed a total overhaul of our Chapter's By-Laws and are better positioned to meet the needs of our membership now and in the future.

    "As you think you travel, and as you love, you attract. You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you." James Lane Allen (1849-1923). I can't wait to see where 2011 takes us.


    Lori Pittman
    I joined CREW shortly after moving to Cleveland. It was a great way for me to network and start building relationships with people in my field. I have developed some great business contacts through CREW but, more importantly, I've made some wonderful friends. With each passing year in CREW, I discovered that making a contribution to CREW in various leadership roles was more fulfilling than any personal benefits I reaped as a member of CREW. The organization provides some leadership opportunities that may not be as readily available in other organizations. I encourage every CREW member who has not aspired to a leadership role to seriously consider it. I found it incredibly rewarding to help create situations for members to take on a leadership role, watch them develop leadership skills and succeed! I love being a cheerleader for other CREW members!


    Amy Whitacre


    Debora S. Lasch
    I have always found the CREW membership to be an invigorating mix of professions and seniority. Early in my career it was fun to network with senior members. But now I find that I'm learning the most from the members who are new to real estate. Through CREW I developed leadership skills, professional knowledge and irreplaceable friendships. For that reason, it is the one organization where I have remained active throughout my career.


    Annette Stevenson


    Teresa M. Beasley
    Membership as well as leadership in CREW Cleveland has impacted me professionally. My career has reaped the benefits of being involved with such an outstanding organization and, personally, I have established relationships that will carry me even further. As my participation in CREW Cleveland increases, my career continues to excel. Engagement in CREW has opened opportunities on both a local and a national level. With access to a network of over 6,500 commercial real estate professionals to consult with ona challenging as well as everyday matter, I am constantly developing professionally and personally.


    Rebecca Gross
    CREW has successfully fulfilled my expectations of a professional organization that provides endless opportunities, both professionally and personally. CREW provides its members opportunities not only to network, but to develop long-term business and personal relationships, opportunities to expand real estate knowledge, opportunities to enhance leadership skills, and opportunities to give back to the community.

    My involvement with CREW has changed my professional and personal life dramatically, from the business contacts made to the friendships found.


    JoAnn Hirsh
    CREW has provided leadership opportunities like no other organization. I have met many dynamic women and made life-long friends that have all played a role in the type of person I am today. Thank you, CREW!


    Suzanne Hamilton
    CREW has been a great force in my personal and professional development. My gain has been in leadership skills, speaking skills and overall growth. I have also benefited from the national network of professionals that share the CREW passion.


    Linda Green
    My relationships with CREW members over the years have enabled me to grow my business and given me a network of experienced real estate people to utilize when I confront difficult problems. As president of this organization I found that the challenges I faced in working with such a large group of talented individuals has helped me to be a better manager. Finally, this is really a great organization with programs and meetings that are always informative, interesting and best of all FUN!


    Mary Porter
    CREW has allowed me to make great networking contacts and even better friends throughout the years which allows me to further achieve both professionally and personally.


    Karin Schulz
    The networking, educational programs and leadership opportunities are priceless. No other organization offers as many boardroom-like seats at the decision making table. Unlike other real estate organizations, CREW brings all the players of the deal together where each member obtains a better perspective of the building blocks required to make a deal work. CREW provides its members a forum for creating and honing their strategic thinking and leadership skills.


    Lynn Vantaggi
    Besides the many opportunities to develop new contacts in business through CREW, the various programs sponsored by CREW give me the ongoing knowledge and awareness of the products and marketplace in general. One of the greatest challenges we face in commercial real estate is cultivating work environments where women and minorities can prosper and grow. In my mind, that challenge is at the heart of this organization and one of the benefits I value most from membership.


    Joan Tropf
    I became involved in CREW to experience both professional and personal growth. And I have not been disappointed. I am a much richer person, in so many ways, because of my experiences in CREW.


    Mary Izant
    I have been a member of CREW Cleveland since its inception – I can't believe how many people I have met through the organization, how many friends I have made and how much depth and breadth there is within the membership. It is truly an impressive group of women. There is a great wealth of knowledge within the membership, encompassing all facets of commercial real estate. It makes it easy to pick up the phone to ask a question of any member! We are lucky to have this great group in Cleveland!


    Mary Lovett
    Recently my marketing person had me do an exercise. I gathered information from my last three years of revenue and drilled down to see where the referral came from. The greatest resource was CREW, then other attorneys and then a certain individual. This drill down involved not just who is the client, but how I was introduced to the client, the lead that brought me to the client. I think if more CREW members did this analysis, they would be pleasantly surprised. I love CREW because of the members that have become my friends, but also because it makes good business sense.


    Kathy L. Cunningham
    CREW has been an invaluable part of my professional career and has provided me with an opportunity to form lasting professional relationships. As I look back, every career opportunity I have pursued has been in some way connected to my involvement in CREW.


    Kathy O'Donnell
    CREW's value to me has always been the fine professional and personal contacts I've made through the organization. So many women who I met through CREW over the years became my business colleagues as well as my friends. I can't think of anything more valuable to be gained from an organization.


    Cheryl Rose-Mack
    Reflecting on the influence that CREW has had on my career in the field of commercial real eatate and my personal growth, I am forever thankful. The foundation arising from this extensive network of exceptionally talented like-minded women has served as a virtual launch pad for countless opportunities. Early in my career, CREW provided the vehicle to develop presentation, speaking and leadership skills unmatched in other work-related environments. I was challenged to move past a myopic tactical view of organizational development to a strategic and global perspective through my first Board level position granted to me with CREW. The skills developed in this leadership role and the support I have received from the vast talent of CREW's membership has been been instrumental in my ongoing growth and advancement. CREW will remain near and dear to my heart and I am dedicated to the continued network that encourages positive change and a secure future for women in commercial real estate related work.


    Cyndie O'Bryon
    As a founding member of CREW (in the days where it was difficult to find 25 women in our industry locall!), I learned a tremendous amount volunteer organizatins, leadership and networking. All of these skills have proved invaluable to me in my daily work as well as my involvement on non-profit boards and professional organizations. Most importantly, though, CREW gave me a platform and an opportunity to develop great friendships, both business and professional, with terrific women I might not have otherwise met.


    Deborah Klausner
    Deborah was the founding President of CREW Cleveland and held that position for two years. She was recognized as a leader both within CREW and within the community. In 1993, she participated in one of CREW's leadership panels in which she offered guidance and inspiration to our members by describing the different paths she had taken until she eventually decided to go out on her own. As a civic leader, her affiliations were many. As a testimony to Deborah's leadership qualities, the Executive Committee voted to institute the Deborah Klausner Leadership Award to each year recognize a CREW member for her leadership either within CREW or within the community.